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 We have a wide range of existing colour mixes available, or you can use the following guideline when establishing a colour theme in your garden.

  • Colour themes that work well use related colours such as reds, oranges and yellows (warm colours) or blues and purples (cool colours).
  • Warm coloured flowers bring excitement into the landscape and tend to appear close to the viewer, making the space in which they are planted feel smaller.
  • Cool colour flowers, however, appear more distant, creating a greater sense of garden space. Cool colours also tend to relax and soothe viewers.
  • Using shades of one colour (including white) is also a popular and attract theme.
  • Another effect comes from using complementary colours - such as those colours found directly opposite each other on a colour wheel
  • (oranges and blues or purples and yellows). These combinations form high colour contrasts and create a lot of excitement and interest in the landscape.
  • Always be aware of surrounding colours to achieve a coordinated overall design. The best way to set off annual flower colours and textures is to provide a simple backdrop of green vegetation.


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