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An old fashioned favorite.

Snapdragons are flowers that can be grown all year round.

They come in a variety of sizes and colours making them an ideal plant in garden beds or pots.

They also make a great cut flower display.

Taller varieties may require support as the flower heads get heavy especially in windy areas.

By removing old flower spikes this encourages the plant to get bushy and produce more flowers.


snapdragon liberty lifestyle



Ornamental Kale

This is an ideal plant for winter colour in the garden. The colder the weather the more vibrant the colour becomes.

Ornamental kale comes in colours of white, pink and purple and is an ideal plant for mass plantings and borders.

Ornamental Kale











Pansies and Viola

Now is the time to start planting your pansies and viola's to brighten to up your winter garden beds, planter boxes and hanging baskets.

With such a wide range of colours and varieties there is something to suit everybody. Pansy faces are larger than viola's and come blotched, bi-coloured frilly or clear.

Viola's have many smaller flowers that are edible so why not try growing them on your window sill to add to your salads or decorate your cakes.

Always remove the old flowers to promote new growth.

Available in potted colour, impact collection and seedlings.


Viola in purple cup












Winter Vegetables

Its now time to start planting your garden beds and planter boxes to achieve the best results for your winter vegetable crops.

Winter vegetables are great for those winter meals like soups and stews.

Some of the winter seedlings to start planting are Brussels sprouts,

cabbages, broccoli, broad beans and cauliflower.



Winter Vegetables









Available in seedlings and 100mm single vegetables 


Emerald Queen Fern

( Nephrolepis ) Also know as the Australian sword fern and is one of the most easiest ferns to grow. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Great for patios, offices and alfresco areas.

Emeral Queen Fern 060518










Available in our 300mm Hanging Basket.



















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